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Continuing Education and Executive Master’s Programs

Continuing Education Master’s Program

Executive Master’s Program

  • A paid academic program whose study plan is commensurate with an accredited program
  • It is a graduate program targeting practitioners and executives at various government and private sectors aiming to enhance students’ practical and applied knowledge, abilities and skills.
  • It is a non-academic program. It is different from similar academic master’s program in terms of objectives, courses and execution. It does not qualify you to apply to an academic doctoral program.

Continuing Education Master’s Programs

Executive Master’s Program and Admission Requirements


Tuition Fees of Graduate Programs Reduced

The tuition fees of Continuing Education and Executive Master’s Programs have been reduced by 25% for KSU staff students (employee himself/herself, his/her spouse, or sons and daughters)

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:51am