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The undertaking of the DGS requires leadership based upon strategic visioning of the Kingdom’s needs for a graduate-educated citizenry and workforce, wise stewardship of King Saud University's human, physical and financial resources in behalf of delivering outstanding programs. The strategic objectives and initiatives that follow, derived from an analysis of the current status of graduate studies at KSU, amplify these ideas.


1- Provide and foster internationally competitive graduate and professional programs that support interdisciplinary inquiry, intellectual development, knowledge and skill acquisition, and student success.

2- Attract, nurture and retain graduate students of high caliber, ability and passion.

3- Foster innovative and high quality research.

4- Promote cross-program/college collaborations and increased opportunities for interdisciplinary programs.

5- Develop strategic and active national and international partnerships in graduate education.

6- Expand and strengthen the infrastructure and financial base needed to propel and sustain progress in graduate education.

7- Enhance administrative the infrastructure of the Deanship of Graduate Studies