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Regular Programs


  • Application is possible only electronically via the Deanship’s portal during the application period officially announced by the Deanship; applicants  should browse available programs and abide by admission requirements posted on the Deanship’s portal .

  • For requirements please visit:

           1. Admission requirements as per the Unified Law of Graduate Studies

           2. KSU’s Admission requirements

           3. Additional requirements as per concerned programs as follows:

Tuition fee in Saudi riyals


Higher Diploma



30,000 70,000 100,000
40,000 80,000 120,000
50,000 100,000* 150,000**
× 90,000 ×
× 90,000 ×
× 80,000 ×  
× 80,000 ×

*Except MSc in Dentistry :260,000
**Except Dentistry :350,000


  • The tuition fee must be paid before registering for courses in equal semester installments at the beginning of each academic semester (or at the beginning of each academic year if the program follows an annual study plan) as per the minimum period allowed to gain the academic degree according to the study plan of the program.
  • In case the student exceeds the regular minimum period (two semesters for higher diploma, four for the master’s degree, and six for the doctoral degree), an additional fee must be paid according to the number of additional semesters as follows:

​Additional Semester Fee (in Saudi Riyal):

Programs Higher Diploma Master’s  PhD
Humanities 3000 4000 5000
Scientific  4000 5000 6000
Health  5000 6000 7000

The study unit fees for complementary courses, if required, are as follows:

  Master’s PhD
Study Unit Fee (in Saudi Riyal) Humanities Scientific  Health  Humanities Scientific Health 
1000 1200 1300 2000 2400 2600
  • Tuition Fee Remission Policy :

The tuition fee remission can be provided according to the official university academic calendar as follows:

  1. Before the end of the second week of the commencement of the academic semester.
  2. Within three working days of the issuance of the university ID number if issued after the end of the second week of the commencement of the academic semester.
  3. 70% of the tuition fee can be refunded in the event of dropping or withdrawing from the semester after the end of the second week up to the end of the fifth week of the commencement of the academic semester.
  4. ​The tuition fee cannot be refunded after the end of the fifth week of the commencement of the academic semester.


  • Announcement: Applicants intending to sit for the required tests will need the following KSU codes:

رمز جامعة الملك سعود

King Saud University Code



(General & Subject test)

Designated Institute (DI) code Organization ID Designated Institute (DI) code
147080 7498 2101

English tests accepted and equivalent scores :




Internet-based (IBT) Paper-based (PBT)
100 7 94 587
97 6.5 79 550
83 6 61 500
75 5.5 53 475
67 5 51 466
64 4.5 48 458
60 4 45 450
56 3.5 39 425
52 3 32 400

Note :

  • In the event that you sit for the required test without using the KSU code and that it was not possible for the Deanship to verify the result of the test, this may impede the completion of final admission procedures. 
  • The IELTS Academic only shall be accepted; other tests, including IELTS Indicator shall not be accepted.

Important Notice:

Applicants will have to acknowledge that all of the information provided and all of the documents uploaded are true and accurate and that the university is entitled to reject applications and subsequently terminate admission into programs without prior notice; in addition, all legal procedures will be taken against applicants if any concerned information and documents were proven to be fake. 



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