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Admission Unit



Admission Unit:

This unit is responsible for organizing the admission process of graduate studies at KSU. It receives applications for the regular programs as the study commences at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year. Applications for the regular programs can be submitted during the last five weeks of the first semester of the previous academic year. Screening of applications usually takes 2-5 months dependent on the number of applicants, departmental requirements for admission including written exams, interviews, etc.


The Functions of the Unit:

1. To ensure the fulfillment of admission requirements for master’s and doctoral degrees, and coordinate with academic departments in this regard

2. To follow up special admission cases and report on this to the Deanship Admission Standing Committee and follow up with academic departments the implementation of related decisions by the Deanship Council

3. To fulfill admission rules and regulations and develop controls necessary to ensure the implementation of such rules and regulations

4. To provide the necessary information on master’s and doctoral programs

5. To clarify scholarships’ requirements and follow up the procedures of admission of students on scholarships with the relevant parties

6. To coordinate with the concerned academic departments to determine the dates of admission exams and interviews and follow up admission results so as to announce them on campus as well as through various media channels

7. To coordinate with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to complete admission procedures

8. To coordinate with the director of Electronic Services Unit to upload all admission issues to social networking Web pages

9. To propose ways of developing the electronic admission portal

10. To propose ways of developing the academic system and related portal




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