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Public Relations and Media Unit


Public Relations and Media Unit:

This unit administers circulating the Deanship news and accomplishments via various media channels. It is also responsible for organizing introductory meetings and activities of the Deanship and publicizing them so as to contribute to the financial resources of the Deanship.

The Functions of the Unit:

1. To prepare an annual plan to contribute to the improvement of the Deanship financial resources so as to cover all annual events

2. To inform the Deanship staff about events held in the university and the Deanship

3. To represent the Deanship in exhibitions and events aimed to publicize the Deanship

4. To participate in the organization of all of the Deanship events

5. To contact the local press and the university’s newsletter to publish the Deanship news

6. To provide the dean with reports on the activities and achievements of the Deanship before being published in the media

7. To prepare periodicals aimed to highlight the activities of the Deanship

8. To coordinate with the female section committees of public relations and media so as to set up an annual plan for meetings, activities and events of the Deanship and coordinate that with the relevant parties




Director: Abdulaziz Aal Muhaiyah

Assistant Director: Muhammad Al-Shehri


Call Center:


Deanship e-mail:








Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:51am