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Graduation Unit






Graduation Unit:

This unit oversees the student’s fulfillment of the requirements for obtaining the master’s and doctoral degrees after which a list of candidate graduates is prepared and submitted to the University Council by the Deanship. The Graduation Unit works in collaboration with the Student Affairs Unit regarding student graduation.

The Functions of the Unit:

1. To prepare for the organization of an annual meeting for graduate students who are in the final stage to raise their awareness on the procedures and requirements for graduation

2. To receive the reports of thesis defense committees

3. To make sure that students of “non-thesis” program have completed the requirements for obtaining the degree.

4. To follow up graduation procedures and make sure students have completed all graduation requirements in coordination with the Student Affairs Unit.

5. To receive dissertations, make sure they meet the basic requirements and archive them electronically

6. To check the names of master’s and doctoral degrees

7. To prepare a list of graduates’ names in preparation for submission to the University Council

8. To communicate with current and former graduates via the Deanship website and other means of communication

9. To prepare a database for dissertation titles and abstracts in cooperation with the Electronic Services Unit




Director: Ghazi Al-Ghaidani

Assistant Director: Ahmad Mahalli

Assistant Director (Female Section): Ameenah Al-Shammari


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Deanship e-mail:



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