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Quality Unit

Quality Unit:

This unit oversees the application of quality standards to all Deanship activities so as to fulfill its vision, mission and objectives. It is responsible for the development of the Deanship organizational structure in line with the Deanship strategic plan, the implementation of developmental projects, performance assessment, supporting all Deanship units to solve problems, writing periodic reports on various Deanship activities and administering the issuance of guides and booklets.

The Functions of the Unit:

1. To prepare and administer the quality management system in the various Deanship units in light of the standard ISO 900:2008

2. To prepare and administer the procedures’ guide on quality management system which describes the Deanship working procedures

3. To prepare and control the administrative units’ guide which describes the relevant works of the various Deanship units

4. To prepare, administer and update administrative procedures’ forms available on the Deanship website

5. To prepare quality policy in light of the Deanship vision and proprieties and circulate it among the Deanship staff and relevant beneficiaries

6. To develop the Deanship organizational structure in light of the Deanship vision and developmental activities

7. To follow up the implementation of the Deanship quality objectives

8. To prepare and implement the internal audit of the Deanship units

9. To implement remedial procedures of lack of commitment to quality standards and follow preemptive and remedial procedures of the Deanship units

10. To gauge satisfaction of clients and beneficiaries of the Deanship activities

11. To accurately provide a description of administrative jobs and related tasks

12. To administer and follow up award giving activities for the Deanship creative employees 

13. To prepare and review all the Deanship study guides and handbooks 

14. To prepare and review all the Deanship student and faculty’s guides and handbooks 

15. To review all the Deanship guides and bylaws before being sent to the press department

16. To develop periodic reports on all current and graduated students

17. To develop periodic reports on research activities of graduate students through communicating with KSU colleges in this regard

18. To develop a comprehensive report on all Deanship units

19. To develop the Deanship annual report



Director: Dr. Isam Al-Sa’eed

Assistant Director for Quality Management System: Tahani Al-Saif

Assistant Director for Handbooks and Reports: Jawahir Al-Ajmi



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Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:51am