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Electronic Services Unit


Electronic Services Unit

This unit is responsible for the electronic services provided by the Deanship, including the Deanship electronic website, the electronic admission portal, electronic archiving and approval of research proposals.

The Functions of the Unit:

1. To update the Deanship electronic system and, in collaboration with the E-transactions Deanship, upload data on the Deanship website

2. To follow up the Deanship social networking sites so as to inform visitors of the latest Deanship news and activities

3. To cooperate with the E-transactions Deanship and the Deanship units regarding the electronic developments of academic and administrative affairs

4. To prepare the electronic portal regarding student guidance and supervision

5. To propose and follow up the implementation of the Deanship developmental electronic projects

6. To approve the input of research proposals on the academic system

7. To approve the input of thesis defense panels on the academic system

8. To approve the input of reformed thesis defense panels on the academic system

9. To approve the input of supervisor change on the academic system

10. To check the supervision loads of faculty members

11. To activate the data of supervisors on the academic system

12. To oversee the archiving electronic portal

13. To follow up the maintenance of computers and communication systems at the female section in Dir’iyah.




Director: Muneerah Al-Saree’

Assistant Director for Academic Systems: Areej Al-Amir

Assistant Director for Information Technology: Amal Abanmi


Call Center:


Deanship e-mail:





Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:51am