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Student Affairs Unit


Student Affairs Unit:

This is one of the Deanship key units as it facilitates and implements academic procedures, including enrollment into courses, withdrawal and postponement of semesters, addressing student problems and reporting them to the Deanship student affairs committee to make the necessary decision in accordance with the Unified Law of Graduate Studies.

The Functions of the Unit:

1. To administer and follow up registration

2. To finalize and follow up registration procedures and academic affairs

3. To change the student’s specialization track on the academic system

4. To propose the development of bylaws to facilitate registration procedures and services provided to students

5. To administer various issues, including approving the student’s research proposal and supervisor, thesis defense panels, cancellation or reopening of student’s files, exceptional opportunities, application of thesis supervision regulations, writing detailed reports on the student’s study status

6. To input the minor specializations of students on the academic system

7. To change the student’s study plan on the academic system

8. To change the student’s specialization on the academic system

9. To prepare the forms of allowances for typing and printing master’s and doctoral dissertations and research papers in line with rules and regulations so as to be signed by the dean or vice dean

10. To receive fresh students, hold introductory meetings for them and prepare relevant brochures and handouts

11. To identify student problems and propose proper solutions



Unit Staff:

Director: Musa’id Al-Harabi

Assistant Director: Abdurrahman Al-Enizi

Assistant Director (Female Section): Fatima Al-Qahtani



Call Center:


Deanship e-mail:





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