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Administrative Affairs Unit for Continuing Education (Dir’iyah Section)

Administrative Affairs Unit for Continuing Education (Dir’iyah Section):

This unit is responsible for the Deanship continuing education graduate programs. It is administered by the Standing Committee which is composed of the dean, vice deans and executive committees.

The Functions of the Unit:

1. To guide continuing education graduate students and help their academic problems

2. To ensure availability and preparedness of suitable academic classes

3. To follow up attendance and commitment of relevant students and faculty members and report on the progress of the education process

4. To coordinate with relevant supervision panels to develop reports on the progress of the education process

5. To hold introductory meetings for relevant fresh graduate students and prepare relevant pamphlets

6.  To identify the problems faced by relevant students and their training needs

7. To follow up the implementation of the Standing Committee’s recommendations




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Last updated on : January 12, 2023 2:51am