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About deanship

The Deanship of Graduate Studies (DGS) was established in 1973 to specifically address the needs of the current and prospective graduate population. As the University has always aspired to make available specialized higher education so as to meet the needs of the Kingdom of qualified graduates holding high academic degrees, in 1978 the University Council approved, the establishment of the College of Graduate Studies. Afterwards, in 1997, name was amended to the Deanship of Graduate Studies to further support the graduate population. This was due to an increased interest in providing services designed for current and prospective graduate students. DGS’s profile has expanded to include more full-time masters and doctoral students.



To be an international leader in graduate education, committed to the pursuit of knowledge and discovery and the power of intellect



To promote and bolster academic excellence of KSU graduate education in the areas of instruction, research and professional activity, leading to the creation, acquisition and dissemination of new knowledge and the preparation of outstanding scholars and professionals in a diverse and stimulating graduate academic environment

Our Objective stratigecs



  • Provide and foster internationally competitive graduate and professional programs that support interdisciplinary inquiry, intellectual development, knowledge and skill acquisition, and student success.
  • Foster innovative and high quality research.
  • Promote cross-program/college collaborations and increased opportunities for interdisciplinary programs.
  • Expand and strengthen the infrastructure and financial base needed to propel and sustain progress in graduate education.
  • Enhance administrative the infrastructure of the Deanship of Graduate Studies


  • Attract, nurture and retain graduate students of high caliber, ability and passion.


  • ADevelop strategic and active national and international partnerships in graduate education.
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